Real Estate Services in CEE/SEE

360° Financial Services in real estate by the TPA Group

The TPA Group is one of the leading advisors of national and international real estate funds and investors. We offer equally high quality advice in real estate transactions and other real estate matters in Central and South Eastern Europe.

In every phase of the real estate market and property cycle we are committed to offering you the best service so that you are able to achieve your goals.

We support you in

  • real estate development,
  • acquisition,
  • management,
  • structuring,
  • sale and
  • compliance.

The expertise of the TPA Group in real estate in CEE/SEE

Real estate services is one of TPA’s core competences. 4.3 billion euro is the value of Central and South Eastern European property transactions which we played a successful advisory role in 2014.

If you need advise with real estate services contact our international tax experts in in the following countries:


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