Agim Binaj

  • Member of the National Accounting Standard Board

  • Certified Accountant

  • Phd in Public Finance

  • Lecturer and Author

Agim Binaj’s chosen area of expertise is tax consultancy, tax due diligence and tax negotiation for national and cross-border business. Furthermore he is an expert for special purpose engagements and business valuations in Albania. He has worked on various projects in Albania and abroad, especially financial advisory services, corporative finances, business consulting. He has also prepared feasibility studies, valuation of the financial standing of companies, specialized financial statements, due diligence studies on behalf of domestic and foreign investors and other management consulting projects.

In addition, Agim Binaj is a professor of accounting and tax at the University of Tirana and Certified Accountant (CA). He is a Member of National Accounting Standard Board (NASB), the accounting standard setting body in Albania. From 2006-2009 he was a member of Tax Appeal Commission at the Ministry of Finance. He has published books and articles about accounting and tax problems in Albania.



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