Amendments in the Albanian Tax Procedure Law in 2013

20. January 2014 | Reading Time: 1 Min

The tax system of Albania is based on a 10% flat tax. In the year 2013 the Law 124/2012 brings some important amendments in the Albanian Tax Procedure Law.  These We have summarized an overview of the most important changes concerning the Tax Procedure Law in Albania.

The Law 124/2012 introduces the following amendments:

  • As of 24 January 2012 the Tax Representative will be registered with the Tax Directorate (instead of being registered with the National Registration Centre).
  • National Registration Center or the court shall notify the competent tax authority when it registers a request for de-registration of a physical person resp. of a legal person when it comes to applying for cancellation without carrying out the liquidation.
  • Law 122/2012 increases the penalties for non-declaration of newly hired employees by taxpayers registered for VAT and profit tax to a fine of LEK 500,000 (before: LEK 100,000). Other taxpayers failing to declare new employees are subject to a fine of LEK 250,000 (before: LEK 50,000).

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