New Gambling Law in Albania

7. March 2016 | Reading Time: 2 Min

Below are presented some of the key changes.

New gambling tax system  

After the implementation and start of operation of Central Online Monitoring System (date to be determined based on an expected decision of the Council of Ministers), tax liabilities and other fees due by gambling operators will be calculated as follows, unless capped or otherwise provided for specific gambling categories: 

  • Monthly gambling tax of 15% on the ‘gross gambling revenues’ (determined as the amount left to the operator from the difference between the total amounts played by participants and the amounts earned by them) payable to the respective Regional Tax Directorate within the 15th of the following month;
  • An annual fee of 3% of the annual gross gambling revenues, but not less than ALL 1,500,000, payable to the Gambling Supervisory Authority.


The Central Online Monitoring System

A new Central Online Monitoring System (COMS) will be implemented and will be utilised by the Gambling Supervisory Authority to obtain from all operators, on real time, data related to turnover, profits, participants to the games and any other necessary information.

The Gambling Supervisory Authority will request to operators of all gambling categories to connect their gambling equipment and/or their central systems with COMS and to keep such connection active throughout the entire period of their activity. Operators may also be requested to improve, modify, customize or substitute (as the case may be) their gambling equipment to ensure conformity with the COMS.   

New gambling categories

The new Law has introduced some new gambling categories, namely casinos located in 5 stars hotels, resort casinos and electronic games at distance. Whereas, certain categories regulated by the former Law, such as traditional bingos and electronic casinos, shall be no longer available.

Transitory provisions

For the transitory period between the entry into force of the this law and until the implementation and start of operation of COMS, tax liabilities and other fees due by gambling operators are to be calculated and paid based on the transitory provisions.

The gambling categories of ‘casinos’ and ‘National Lottery’ licensed prior to the entry into force of the new Law, will continue their activity in accordance with the license terms provided by the respective licenses.

Operators of ‘electronic casinos’ and ‘traditional bingos’ licensed prior to the entry into force of the new Law, may continue to carry out their activity in the current points/locations up to 31.12.2016.

Operators of ‘sports betting’, ‘horse racing betting’ and ‘television bingo’ shall be obliged to adopt their organization and functions and to pay the relevant license fees in accordance with the provisions of the new Law (and its sub-legal acts) within 31.12.2016.


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