Minimum rent reference prices for fiscal purpose

11. September 2015 | Reading Time: 1 Min

On 3 June 2015, a new instruction was issued “On the determination of the minimum value charged on rented buildings for tax purposes” which complements item (ç) of article 72 of the Law on Tax Procedures concerning alternative valuation methods. The instruction further stresses that notarised rental agreements need to have the monthly rent amount clearly stated as well as the exact address of the dwelling and the surface area in m2.  The minimum monthly price per square meter of a rented residential building (further refered as MMPRB) is equal to 0.3% of its sale price, as defined in the instruction of the Council of Ministers “On the approval of the average building construction costs, by the National Housing Agency”, which is published on an annual basis.  The Instruction further provides a detailed list of minimum reference prices  for non-residential building rents for Tirana and the rest of the country, as a percentage of the MMPRB  identified below. 

All notaries are obliged to send to the respective regional tax directorate by 15 July 2015 the list of all rental agreements in force, irrespective of their status. Subsequently all notaries have to report on a monthly basis by the fifth of each following month the list of new rental agreements.

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