Business women making it in Austria

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19 November 2019

pwn Vienna - Business Women making it in Austria (picture: Andreas Hoyer)

Many people strive to reach the C-suite in their life, but the path to the top can be challenging and difficult to follow. Because the Professional Women’s network Vienna and the Network of Business Women of Bosnia & Herzogvia believe that the best way to learn is from the experiences of those who have already reached the goals you may also wish to accomplish, invited three exceptional female executives to a panel discussion with moderator Nadina Gradascevic at the Square One in Vienna.

In Austria: How did you become what you are today?

One of the business women that have made it in Austria, is TPA partner Karin Fuhrmann, The tax advisor for real estate matters in Austria and beyond. TPA Austria’s managing partner exchanged her curriculum vitae and valuable life stories with Alisa Kapic (Vice President Sales North Europe and Country Director Austra at IWG) and Tina Mravak Pogacic (COO UniCredit Bank Austria AG)

Inspiring & Successful careers in Vienna

The stories of the business women in Austria were truly inspiring and showed more about the ingredients to have success in Vienna: Do what you love and know your why. All three women have  a highly disciplined approach, invested in networking and relationships.

After some Q&As there was enough time for networking together!