Corporate Governance and Compliance

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Compliance (also conformity to rules) is, in business terms, used to describe compliance with laws and guidelines but also with voluntary codes of practice.

Nowadays, the topic of compliance is not only a hot topic due to the numerous corporate scandals but also presents management bodies with great challenges. One can assume that the legal requirements will increase and become less transparent.

Therefore, the introduction of a Compliance Management System (CMS), which will ensure compliance with and monitoring of legal and operational provisions, will become increasingly important.

The TPA audit team will assess your complience with regulation. We will advise you in relation to the setting up and improvement of your corporate governance.

Among others, we can provide the following services:

  • Development of a Compliance Management System
  • Realisation recommendations
  • Optimisation of the Compliance Management System
  • External and independent auditing or evaluation of the CMS
  • Corruption avoidance strategies
  • Special issues relating to capital markets law and compliance
  • Development of control procedures and communication processes

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