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To evaluate a company you can have many diverse reasons. In the majority of cases, it serves to convey purchase or sale prices of companies. However, also within the framework of value oriented corporate management (shareholder value) and for (international) accounting, there is nowadays an increased demand for and execution of corporate evaluations.

TPA offers you company evaluations for the following requirements:

  • Sale and Purchase of a Company or Part thereof
  • Initial Public Offerings
  • Withdrawal of a Partner from a Partnership
  • Determination of Exchange Ratios in the case of Mergers
  • Exclusion of Members from a Company with Limited Liability with Financial Settlement
  • Proportional or Disproportional De-Mergers with Financial Settlement
  • Valuation of Shares in the case of Contractual Termination of a Limited Liability Company or the Exercise of a Contractual Acquisition Right

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