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The majority of Austrian companies are active in the trade and crafts sector. These groups are professionally very diverse and cannot be considered as one group. Every handicraft has its own challenges, which require branch-specific support and individual solutions which our specialists can provide.

In the trades and craft sector, the majority of companies are small to medium-sized who permanently have to take care that they have their cost structure under control and to keep their tax burden low. TPA has experts who are familiar with your branch and who can help you to maintain control over your finances and to give you the maximum information to help you make decisions.

We will gladly help you to keep the personal time that you need for administrative tasks to a minimum by the outsourcing of some tasks, such as accounting and payroll accounting to us – you do not have to do everything yourself of necessity. Outsourcing this work to a professional is a great relief for many companies as it enables them to concentrate on their core business.

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